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, light returns. around san francisco we have been seeing a few sprinkles developing. you can see them herement -- them here. caesar chavez and the temperatures are falling tonight as the cooler air is moving in. most areas in the 50s. now, the weather cooperated for game one. but will it be a winning forecast tomorrow and a win for game two for the san francisco giants? game two forecast plus a look at your weekend weather coming up. carolyn? >> thanks, sandhya. we are following developing news out of san francisco where six people were hurt in a car crash. we are waiting to hear about the severity of their injuries. this accident happened before 10:00 on 18th street and tennessee avenue. we are told a vehicle somehow rolled over and ended up on 280 near mariposa. right now one lane is closed with the mariposa off-ramp. >>> police found a car full of pot and money. and a bay area teacher is under arrest taken out of class by police. it happened in hercules and as alan wang explains, detectives are looking into the possibility that the teacher was selling dope to his students. >> hercu
level. jamison canyon road, light returns. around san francisco we have been seeing a few sprinkles developing. you can see them herement -- them here. caesar chavez and the temperatures are falling tonight as the cooler air is moving in. most areas in the 50s. now, the weather cooperated for game one. but will it be a winning forecast tomorrow and a win for game two for the san francisco giants? game two forecast plus a look at your weekend weather coming up. carolyn? >> thanks, sandhya. we are following developing news out of san francisco where six people were hurt in a car crash. we are waiting to hear about the severity of their injuries. this accident happened before 10:00 on 18th street and tennessee avenue. we are told a vehicle somehow rolled over and ended up on 280 near mariposa. right now one lane is closed with the mariposa off-ramp. >>> police found a car full of pot and money. and a bay area teacher is under arrest taken out of class by police. it happened in hercules and as alan wang explains, detectives are looking into the possibility that the teacher was selling d
to the streets of san francisco this morning for the nike women's marathon. it as gorgeous and grueling course in the city that end in golden gate park. >> all the runners are going behind you. hi, lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. there are thousands and thousands of runners out here. 20,000. they are taking off over here pore the nike women's largest marathon in the world with 25,000 runners who woke up early this morning. got on the race gear to run a half marathon or marathon and these go to the lymphoma society. olympic mad delist, she is out here running a half marathon. she will be celebrating her 40th birthday out here with a healthy start. you can see the runners taking to the streets. they are decked out in the running gear and it is a pretty course and starts in union square and that is all around downtown san francisco. you can see people with signs out here. with the cellphones and taking video. music is loud out here. there is a time clock that says we are three minutes. 22 seconds right now and that's the start over there. it is supposed to be nike town where they s
for this blockbuster party. >>reporter: take a look at this san francisco city hall of low in the color orange the lights have been switched out in honor of the san oroszko giants. the team's colors are seen here as they placed balloons on the san francisco-enjoy it's a major transformation. speaking at a news conference the mayor promised that is going to be a grand event and it certainly seems to be unfolding that way >> as you know this was such a team effort. we decided that we would get a city team to gather to have a great, great celebration. >> to announce these details there are going to be at least 20 trucks of colored confetti. thousands of balloons and players will be an open vehicles so they ca that is the change from 2010. >> a little different in 2010 when if you recall many of the players were put on the cable cars. a lot of the fans said they could not see them. they had to go from one side to the others of this time there are individual vehicles. >> other specifics. >> they will come up market street. and turn on mcallister and to make their way down towards the plaza. towards
. 62 in san francisco. and 67 degrees in mountain view. that ridge of high pressure that's been bringing the heat is going to start to slide to the south. that sea breeze will be kicking in. we'll see a southerly surge of low clouds and fog. the timing on that is tricky but it will stay hot inland. we'll still see 90s there, no triple digits. 70s and 80s inside the bay and out along the coastline, cooler weather on the way, maybe some patchy fog showing up this afternoon and temperatures there in the 60s and 70s. all right. now let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. within the last 10 minutes or so we just got word of an accident if your commute takes you through emeryville, it's off on the right-hand shoulder so not blocking lanes but westbound 80 approaching powell and this is a live look closer towards berkeley doesn't appear to be causing much of a delay. 18 minutes is your drive time on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. heading into san francisco, we have howard street closures. howard is shut down between 3rd and 4th oracle open wor
an arson in his law offices. >>> the giants are halfway there but san francisco is dusting off the playbook for a victory parade >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. it is friday october 26th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. the death of a 16-year-old girl has left classmates at albany high trying to cope tonight and asking questions about what happened. the teenage girl had a promising future. >> reporter: well, this girl was on the tennis team, here on the courts today were some of her teammates who were practicing. folks were too upset to say much only to say they were having a tough time. >> reporter: a facebook page was started to share fond memories, kathy's body was found sunday. investigators had trouble identifying her until a classmate saw a news report and helped make the connection. the coroner says it will take about two weeks to get the results of a toxicology report and confirm how she died. so far there are no obvious signs of foul play. >> i know a lot of people are heartbroken. >> reall
to david freese. >> it's like a soccer crowd here in san francisco. >> tim: if it does go to game seven this will be the loudest crowd in the major leagues tomorrow night. >> joe: here is a i 1-1, one out, nobody on. freese. strike two. [ cheering ] >> tim: slider. >> joe: two out. >> tim: to know what pitch a lot of pitchers throw. all you to do is watch the catcher. mover outside for romo, a slider is on his way. >> joe: now descalso with two out, nobody on. daniel, 1 for 3. this good bullpen for the giants flexing its muscles here tonight. affeldt, casilla, romo. strike one. >> joe: strike two. [ cheering ] >> joe: pagan. game over! game seven tomorrow night. [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: bruce bochy and his sixth season as manager of the san francisco giants. lead his team tomorrow night to try to get them to their second world series in his time here in san francisco. cardinals will be trying to fight their way back to defend their title. >> it's remarkable the fifth straight elimination game confronted head on by bruce bochy. and his giants have won every one of them. >> joe: his
tonight. the team beat st. louis. that means it is on to game seven tomorrow in san francisco for a winner take all situation. we have team coverage of the victory. jamie is inside of at&t park. but we begin with kimberly tere who's outside of the ballpark with a look at the big win. hello, kimberly. >> hello. this game really seemed to reenergize fans who admitted before it began they were a little bit nervous about it. in the end, they say, it was an easy win and of course they are hoping for a repeat tomorrow. >> go giants! >> i'm totally pumped. ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow's game will determine which team heads to the world series. much of the credit for tonight's win goes to pitcher ryan vogle song who is known for being superstitious. he must eat chicken enchill lad das the night before he takes the mound. >> i'm eating chicken enchiladas. >> i'm going home eat a dozen chicken enchiladas. >> i wore my lucky hat and it worked. >> fans say they are willing to do whatever it takes to support their team during a season of surprises. >> it is up and down. >> torture, again,
on the role. and kristy will assume the job of director of aviation. >> san francisco police arrested a bus passenger today accused of stabbing another rider in the neck with a pair of scissors. officials say a passenger was harassing the bus driver. another rider attempted to intervene and stabbed. the victim was treated at the scene. the suspect was taken into custody. >>> firefighters are gaining ground against a fire that is burning in lake county. the 29 fire burning along highway 29 south of lower lake is 60% contained. started yesterday afternoon and spread to 300 acres destroying a home and several out buildings along with several vehicles. firefighters say they have stopped the thread of this fire and expect full containment sometime tomorrow. evacuation orders have been lifted and no one hurt. still no word yet on a cause. >> he was left off the giant's 2010 playoff review roster. in a must win game tonight he came through big. bull pen finished the 5-0 shut out victory. the giants will be coming home for game 6 of the national league championship series on monday. we have team co
. we have rough spots in san francisco for many years in the early years. didn't blame it on anybody else. you look at the year he passed 15 wins. huge performance tonight defining performance for us. couldn't be happier for him. >> a little punt down the third baseline. right play and another run for the giants. >> got it done on the mound and the plate. he played brilliantly. >> i came here down 2-1. got it done. let's go home. let's go to detroit . >> reporter: we're told the team wasted no time getting out of here. already wheels up on their charter headed back to san francisco to meet the cardinals again on their own turf. for them, the st. louis arch may well be the gateway to the world series. let's check in with noel walker in san francisco. >> reporter: we could probably do aerobics here right now. the place is quiet at the moment. about an hour and a half ago, this place, you couldn't get a seat. >>> and that's how the game ended. but the post season didn't. >> they are bringing it home. they bringing it home . >> fans were glued to the tvs watching every pitch, every out,
be a little different morning, i imagine because of the parade in san francisco. of course a lot more people, a lot of the b.a.r.t. lots are filling up quickly. so just make plans if you are still trying to get to the city. maybe you can get a friend or take the bus to the b.a.r.t. station. we have more people getting in through. i had a friend of mine say, what's going on? why are all of these people going into the city. then i told them why and i told them it would be a bigger backup than usual. this morn's commute is gonna be moving along fine getting to the oakland airport. contra costa county, westbound highway 4. a lot of slow traffic here, also 680 between pleasant hill and walnut creek. >>> sal, twitter is just alive, the parking lot is full. >> we do have cloudy skies, our system is on its way. i think it gets here later than sooner. if we're in the north bay, take the trick or treaters out early. i think the system will slow down. there's been some drizzle. i think that will let up and it will be mild. near 60 degrees. our system is trying to work its way in. it pushed in a lot of
. >> they were forcing to cover the at&t field to keep it tonight for the do or die. right now, san francisco is getting ready to get on a game 7 of the st. louis cardinals. the winners will take the pennant and security spot for the world series and the loser will go home. tonight we have you covered. alexy ellie chute and even terisa estacio. and lisa first, let us start with a check our stone. he is alive. so far, it would-j.r. stone. he has lied. >> yes, pam. we are starting-i am-live here at at&t parks in the distance making their way into at&t park. it has been quite the 24 hours for the san francisco giants. >> the san francisco giants are out on the field monday preparing for game 7 of the national league championship series. this is just 24 hours after scutero that made this score for- nothing and in 24 hours. ryan vogelson pitched out and just giving up one run. he received more chance of a goa " gee" and sergio romo with a six-one was the final score. for the first time in the team's history they will try to get a game 7 on their home field. >> you can see they're making their way
for isolated showers. it is mostly cloudy. as we look into downtown san francisco we will see a partial clearing and some of the south bay spots. it looks like there will be wet weather as we wake of four tomorrow morning. the timeline and what is on tap for the game will be next. >> i at cutting boulevard and accident was--most of the traffic has been held up here at will. it is still unclear as to whether they have got any of these lanes open. there's also an accident at tennyson road. it is better news here. split is usually sluggish to 0. >> we are looking at the giants on into the world series against the detroit tigers tomorrow night. they are on their way the second time in three years. it was a blow out in san francisco. the driving rain that won the national league. even in the rain most of the people still stayed in the stands it was cold and wet but it was glorious. this was worth the wait. the giants are getting ready for the big game and they're probably still arresting. >> irresting but you better believe that dathey expected to be a sellout crowd once first pitch begins o
. >> it's great for the organization, more so great for our northern california region and san francisco. our fan base is maybe the best in sports. >> reporter: fans say seeing the team is well worth the wait. >> it's so awesome. i'm feeling a dynasty. >> we live and breathe the giants. we are so thrilled for them. >> good to be here last time in 2010. stoked to be here and welcome these guys home this time. >> reporter: among the fans, this 3-year-old who re-enacted some of the giants' pitchers' best moves and 2-year-old miguel diaz who is celebrating the clean sweep. they have tomorrow to rest before the big parade set for halloween. >> i think orange and black on halloween is very natural. but i think that's a way to actually do two birds with one stone. there were going to be people taking off that day anyway to celebrate the halloween day. >> reporter: this is video from the 2010 world series parade when tens of thousands of fans descended on market street as cable cars carried the players and their families. wednesday's parade will follow a similar path at the foot of market and we
. >> the san francisco giants did it again. game 7 and they stayed alive from the breakup of an elimination. the giants' offense came alive and they had five runs off early. they held the cardinals only one run. here is the reaction from the team. >> and everything is going your way when you are having fun. lacher 13 in a row.last yee in a row. if overtraining and cincinnati we had to win three but we do need to worry about just one game at a time. this game is expected to start after 5:00 p.m. we will see if that happens. >> well caltran is live at the park. if you would like to be here it will be a 100 percent chance. we play best with our backs against the wall. it will be a cold and windy game. this will show you what is going on. the gusty conditions are apparently--by 5:07 p.m. it should be pretty good we would just have to wait and say. if you would like to go to the game the tickets are sold out. the ticket prices have been changing on-line throughout the morning. there are 8000 tickets available and its is mostly standing room only for $135. it depends on where you shop at. some of
:11. san francisco's embattled sheriff is back at work but his job is still far from secure. jane kim a member of the board of supervisors voted to reinstate ross mirkarimi. she told the "chronicle" newspaper she would support a recall effort against him. kim says she voted out of concern it would set a precedent about what constitutes official misconduct. 7 of the 11 supervisors voted to remove mirkarimi. nine votes were needed to remove him. mirkarimi pleaded guilty in march to misdemeanor false imprisonment stemming from an argument before he took office that left of his wife's arm bruised. >>> time now 5:11. not a suitable babysitter. what a new report says about toddlers and tv. >> will life find a way? scientists weigh in on the possibility of real life jurassic park, coming your way. >> the surprise visiters that sent a washington school into lockdown. ,,,, at the guaranteed's lowest price.attresses plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ time.. >>> here we go
mallicoat. let's get right out to san francisco civic center plaza. anne makovec is there in her orange ready for a big giants celebration. >> reporter: this is where the parade is going to end up this morning. you can see hundreds of people already packing the lawn in front of san francisco's city hall coming from all over the bay area all over the state. everybody is wearing their orange and black. so the presentation will start in front of city hall at 12:30. the parade starts at the base of market street at 11:00 and it is going to work its way straight down market street. that's a little different from the route it took in 2010. it is all going to be on market street. and again, end here at civic center plaza. of course, we have all the coverage for you but it's already packed. public transportation is already packed. so just watch the parade on tv if you are not big enough it brave these crowds. frank, back to you. >> if you are not en route, you might be out of luck. anne makovec live for us in san francisco. that all important weather forecast and traffic, too, for the parade a
phone thefts are also rising. they account for almost half the robberies in san francisco and 40% in new york. wireless carriers and the s.e.c. are working on a national database to attract stolen devices but it's more than a year ago. >>> aappears movie audiences are in the halloween move. "paranormal activity 4" and a fifth movie is planned. "argo" with $17 million. "hotel transylvania" was third with 13.5 million bucks. >>> when we come back, danger on the street. this pedestrian, yeah, is actually okay after finding himself in the middle of a high-speed chase. >> you don't want to miss that one. >>> and then danger in hotels, a $50 hotel gadget that can pop the locks on hotel room doors. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a kraft homestyle mac & cheese bowl. it'
a brutally challenged forecast. once the temperature drops, boy, does it ever. san francisco, 94 yesterday. 74 today. inland still dry but the west wind has not kicked in yet except at sfo. calm at oakland airport. calm at travis. a little puff of a west- northwest at santa rosa. the system right there producing snow up in montana is drawing up this little low that's been up more for the longest time as the high pressure builds here. that's ushering in a little cooler pattern for us. it's just taking its sweet time getting here. 5, 15, maybe 20 degrees cooler by the coast. not as much inland. sunny and breezy. but temperatures are on their way down. we had 90s, coast, bay and inland. it didn't matter. 90 in napa. we'll go 96 antioch. but 66 pacifica. 8 san jose, 80 in oakland. again, if that west wind kicks in, that will be a huge drop. cooler weather is on the way. we'll carry that into friday. it will be significantly cooler by then. >>> thank you, steve. >> 7:10, new this morning, what appeared to be a case of mistaken identity near mexico city may actually have been an assassination at
. it's what san francisco did to win this series. they haven't won a home playoff game in 17 years. the front page of the san francisco chronicle showing san francisco celebrating. they move on to get the winner of the nats/cardinal playoff game. hammel going against cc sabathia and then the nationals and the cardinals. washington likes their chances with him on the mound. nfl, thursday night football, steelers on the road in music city. taking on the titans. first quarter, purposing from 22. it's not good. titans eventually recovered near the goal line. it led to a tennessee touchdown. four seconds left. score tied at 23. good from 40 yards out. the party is on in nashville. titans win the section of the season. steelers drop to 2-3 losing their third consecutive. >>> coming up at the top of the hour, joe biden and paul ryan get together for their one and only debate serving as proxies for the president and mitt romney. how did ryan do? we'll knock that around with our "morning joe" crew. when we come back here, we huddle around the water cooler to watch a near brawl in a debate i
. the town of clayton has not decided whether to remove anymore officer. >>> a police of san francisco history -- price of san francisco history is weeks away by being taken apart piece by piece. the seismically unsafe coil drive. the outdated approach to the golden get a bridge being replaced. project officials say the next faze of construction will not slow down. the remains of doyle drive will live on. the steel thrust be melted down and the concrete drowned build new roads. >>> wall streetage prez sonton's workday a big boost in the first day of trading. executive rehab the opening bell on the new york stock exchange this morning. the company was founded by two former people south executives who left the company back in 204. they offer cloud based human software. it opened the $28 and closed above $48 a share. the sail raised $637 for that start up. >>> the enthusiasm did not carry over. the dow lost lost twopoints. stocks had their worst week since june. >>> the closely watched customer confidence survey from the university of michigan is at its highest level five years. meaning p
early because he an 11:00 class to teach. very humble guy. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >>> san francisco is expected to find out tomorrow whether it is on the short list of cities to host an upcoming super bowl. cio host in 2016 or 2017 at the 49ers' new stadium. both 49er and city leaders say san francisco would be the center of most super bowl events. if the city makes its first round it has to submit a plan by early may. nfl expects official announcement tomorrow. >>> this thursday is 49ers game day here. 4:00 jerry rice and brent jones join us as abc7 news presents the pregame show followed at 5 by the take -- by the game. after that jerry and brent will stake around for a edition of after the game. >>> giants' fans are gearing up for tonight's game. last night the giants fell to the cardinals in the opener. bumgarner gave up six runs in the first four innings late comeback was too little, too late. vogelsong will start on the mound tonight. >>> much more still ahead. pakistani girl has arrived in england for lifesaving medical treatment after she was shot in the head by the taliban.
are from san francisco, a man and woman in their 20s were killed. they haven't released their names. investigators are having a tough time they don't have much information they don't know whether the pair was walking or taken by car. they have interviewed people and have a few descriptions of a car leaving the area but they are all different. they haven't made any arrests and don't have suspects. >> i'm alarmed. i don't know what -- i feel safe most of the time. [ laughing ] >> i just didn't know about that. i don't know. i haven't digested it yet. >> reporter: with multiple descriptions of the car and no description of the killer, investigators say this is going to be difficult. spokesman with the sheriff's office is in a meeting now and is hoping to speak out publicly later this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> oakland police are looking for the people responsible for two shootings early this morning before 1 a.m. a man was shot several times in the 5600 block of hilton in east oakland he died at the hospital. after midnight two men were wounded when somebody opened fire
of san francisco will host game seven of the national league championship series. the giants have won two in a row against the st. louis cardinals. going back to the divisional series, the giants have won five playoff limit nation games -- elimination games in a row and none bigger than tonight. >> these fans are happy. >> whenever there was a big play, everybody was waving it. >> you are still holding your rally towel? >> yes. >> with a win between them, the fans came out from everywhere. >> the locker room was upbeat. >> being able to watch him dominate the way he is now and be in the zone the way he is, that's him. >> how big was it to get on the board early? >> big. every time we scored a couple of runs, it just helped us move forward. >> last year we won three in a row. i plan for the fans and team. >> you looked like you were having fun. >> always, for matter what. i play the game and enjoy it. >> you guys have been able to focus on winning one game. talk about that mindset. >> we can't hit a 20-run hoper. we have to worry bun game at a time. when we were trailing in cincinnati two
to san francisco. scattered showers around fargo, minneapolis, chicago and detroit. much of the same in new york and new england. >> 60s in the northeast. mostly 70s in the midwest and plains. 80s from miami to dallas. 50s in the pacific northwest. >>> and when we come back this morning, the next small thing. apple is ready to make a big announcement later today. >>> and growing concerns about a popular energy drink. the feds are stepping in to see if people have died from drinking the monster brand. >>> and later, don't look now. a well-known electronics company comes up with an idea that's to die for. >>> welcome back, everybody. there is new controversy regarding energy drinks. the food and drug administration says it's investigating five deaths that may be related to monster energy drinks. the monster says it does not believe its beverages contributed to those deaths. the company has more than one-third of the sales in the fast-growing energy drink market which targets teens and young adults and overnight newscasters. there are already calls in congress for greater regulation. >>
in san francisco tuesday to honor u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. the 52-year-old diplomat was killed in a september 11 terror attack in benghazi, libya. >> the memorial gave people from his hometown the opportunity to say goodbye. edward lawrence reports from san francisco. >> reporter: hundreds of people filled san francisco's city hall to honor u.s. ambassador chris stevens, one of four americans killed last month when terrorists attack the u.s. consulate in benghazi. friends, family, dignitaries and members of the public came to remember their hometown hero. he grew up in the bay area and went to college at nearby berkley. >> he had a very challenging job, always came home. >> reporter: the lifelong bachelor served as a diplomat in the middle east and first went to libya in 2007. he returned last year and worked with rebels who would overthrow mao mar qaddafi. former secretary of state george schultz said he lost his life serving his country. >> we're here to celebrate the immense accomplishments this man has made for us. >> reporter: stevens' family said they received
. minneapolis c. san francisco the answer still to come this midday! time for sports. the white sox have shuffled the front office with some familiar faces. kenny williams and rick hahn have both been promoted. williams will now oversee baseball operations as executive vice president, while hahn becomes the new general manager. williams has been the g-m for 13 years, and constructed the 2005 world series team. now he'll deal with off- the- field issues, like boosting attendance. hahn most recently served as assistant g-m, and has been pursued by many teams over the years. he'll immediately have to make decisions on free agents like jake peavy, a-j pierzynski, and kevin youkilis. the tigers trying to even the world series against the giants. it scoreless with no outs in the second inning. delmon young grounds one down the line. prince fielder is sent home from first base, but the relay throw is on time and he's out. still no score in the seventh brandon crawford grounds into a double play with the bases loaded, but a run scores. giants pitcher madison bumgarner pitched seven shut-out inn
this morning. >>> hi, good morning, natasha. hangover city in san francisco. some of them are probably still awake watching us. the giants are back, the second time in three years. they pulled off an incredible series comeback to get there. the cardinals were up three games to one in the series. many thought the giants were finished but they fought back. they won three straight games by basically outscoring st. louis 20-1 in those games. last night was a rout. 9-0. so of course they busted out the bubbly and now face the detroit tigers in the world series. game one is in san francisco tomorrow night. the giants last won the world series two years ago while the tigers last won the world series in 1984. we'll see some great pitching in that game one wednesday night. natasha, back to you. >> thanks so much, joe. >>> one of the judges took a spill on "dancing with the stars" last night. look. >> let the baby making begin. that was ridiculous. carrie ann inaba said she was okay after falling off her judge's chair. she was just knocked out by gilles marini's sexy dance. doctors cleared melissa ryc
francisco plans to celebrate wednesday morning. >>> a suspicious fire is under investigation in san jose this morning. nobody was hurt in the fire that started about 4:00 at an abandoned gymnastics facility. traffic and weather in just a moment. >>> good morning. let's take you out towards the bay bridge. just cleared a stall out of lanes. unfortunately, we have delays in the cash and fast track lanes. metering lights have been on since 6:15 this morning. dense fog all across the bay area. heading across the golden gate bridge. here's a look at what you can see. 880 through oakland. stop and go from hey word through downtown. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> sunshine for you. expecting clouds to give way. pleasanton. 40s and 50s. dense fog advisory along the coastline. some visibility less than a quarter mile. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures. mid 70s there. 80 in liver more . 67 in san francisco. and 76 in santa rosa. next couple days we'll begin to clear out. nice day by wednesday evening could see showers. watch out for showers continuing into thursday. >>> welcome back to "
tonight in san francisco. >>> can't wait for you to say some of the nhl names, if they ever come back. there is a big college football win for mississippi this weekend. but an even bigger victory for change. >> i love this story. ole miss crowned its first african-american homecoming queen. 50 years ago, courtney roxanne pierson would have been banned from attending the university simply because she is black. a notorious segregation policy, ended when james meredith was admitted in 1962. pierson says her honor couldn't have come at a better time. >> you want to say it is about time. but you also just want to say -- congratulations to her. >> crazy. think about trajectory of things. when they let james meredith in, riots broke out. two people died. injured. decade later, first black homecoming queen. progress comes slowly. at least it comes. >> can't take the smile off her face. >> enjoy the moment. >> monday morning quarterback, courtesy of -- yours truly. >> we'll wrap the highlights and lowlights of sunday's nfl action. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world new
in detroit and san francisco just counting the hours until tonight's game. it is game one of the world series. they are hyped. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll begin with the sprint to the finish line. over the next 13 days president obama and mitt romney will criss-cross the count industry and leap-frog the campaign. all the med fors you like as they try to lock down votes in states still considered toss-ups. this morning the president kicks off a out exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. pl in reno, nevada, tonight, and then cedar rapids, iowa. it is a mouthful with dana bash following the fight to the finish. she is joining us live in the studio. dana, what is the map? what are the travels these candidates are doing over the next two, three, four, five days of the race? >> it tells the number of battleground states is relatively big. if you look at the polls in the states where they are going, ohio is the biggest, but also colorado, virginia, florida, beyond. they are just absolutely neck and neck. yo
, news in san francisco. despite downpours, it's a happy town, at least if you're a giants fan. the giants take down the cardinals, 9-0, last night, overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the process. and so, earn a second trip to the world series in three years. next up, the detroit tigers, game one, tomorrow night. and if you're a dodgers fan, like say somebody i know, go, tigers. back to you guys. >> all right, josh. thanks so much. >>> moving on now to the latest on that deadly shooting at a wisconsin mall. learning more this morning about the gunman who opened fire at a spa there sunday morning. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, we're hearing the voice of radcliffe haughton's wife, zina, describing one of his outbursts in courtroom audio. obtained by abc affiliate wisn. >> he pulled a gun from behind his pants. and it accidentally went off between me and my daughter's head. >> reporter: the audio was recorded as she sought a restraining order against her estranged husband october 18th. >> i don't want to die. i just don't want to die. >> reporter: she was gra
his seafood joint on what he saw in san francisco. the 20-seat bar is flanked by patio seating, live scallops, meaty chowder, lush tuna tartar, and drinks dreamed up here. the cocktails don't have names. we let the ingredients do the talking. the philosophy extends to the crab cake with a suggestion of mayonnaise and a dash of hot sauce. the key to the dish? don't overthink it, says krokston. the regular selection of oysters includes rappahannics, and old salts. he expects offering guest oysters from elsewhere in the country down the road. my plate of oysters is fresh. i look up and notice the chef is cleaning his knife between maneuvers. this is tom sietsema, food critics with the washington post. >> i want to go there. i'm suddenly craving crab cakes. >> but not the oysters with grit in them? it all looked delicious to me. and a beautiful setting. >>> coming up next, what michael vick bought that has him trending online today. >>> plus, the punishment for a mother guilty of [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the o
pled not guilty in the case. >>> and halfway to the title, san francisco giants won game two of the world series, beating the detroit tigers 2-0. now the series moves to the motor city where it has game three tomorrow night. >>> 7:19. back to matt and savannah. >> thanks. back to al in florida for the rest of his forecast. >> reporter: thanks so much, matt. the seas still pretty angry as sandy continues to make its trek to the north as we continue to watch it. there's other weather going on as we take a look for our friends on the west coast. we have a lot of wet weather making it to the pacific northwest. also snow making its way into the mountains there. very chilly conditions through the rockies and into the cascades. and we also have santa ana winds to worry about, that's right, big area of high pressure dominating, low pressure between it, and that means winds that could gust up to 55 miles per hour in the passes, higher >>> a pretty nice day setting up for the bay area. showers way off to the north and will be staying there the next few days. temperatures mostly in the
the east shore in oakland and fremont, 69 in san francisco today an then temperatures drop like a rock as we head through the upcoming weekend. savannah? >> all right, al. we've got a major milestone to announce this morning. facebook has now reached 1 billion users. coming up matt talk more about that with mark zuckerberg in a rare and exclusive interview, now we have more on the social network that has changed the world. >> it has. from the wall street debut to the launch of the timeline, it has been a big year for facebook and with the unprecedented billion-member benchmark it is inching closer to having all of the friends in the world. it was 2004 when a 19-year-old named mark zuckerberg started a small website for college kids to share information. >> did you ever dream in 2004 in your dorm room in harvard when you started this thing that you'd end up sitting here saying we'll go across 200 million users? >> that's a difficult thing to foresee. >> reporter: today an aft ron omiccal benchmark as facebook announces it now has 1 billion users, 1/7th of the population. >> facebook is
'm meteorologist christina loren. 7:21, orange sunrise for our san francisco giants this morning. this is san bruno. dense fog forced right to the surface will clear by about noon. you'll be at 72 inland at noon, 80 at 4:00 p.m. the coast upper 60s for today. we've got rain on the way on wednesday, halloween. we'll get some showers late that continues into thursday. >>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> just ahead, sand chip's impact on the presidential race. with the election now just eight days away as our coverage of the hurricane continues. but first this is "today" on nbc. . >>> we're going to have more on hurricane sandy coming up including its widespread impact on air travel nationwide. we'll give you a hint you're not getting there on the northeast. >> send us pictures of your storm. but first your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouf
obama paid tribute saying he was a statesman of great conscience and conviction. >>> the san francisco giants did it again facing yet another elimination game. the giants beat the cardinals to force a decisive game seven tonight. joe is in for carlos. all right. >> the giants, they are on a thrilling, thrilling ride. it's been fun for fans to watch. it's like a never say die journey for this team. they've been on the ropes but refuse to get knocked out. san francisco beat st. louis yesterday, 6-1, to force a game seven. you know that's the sexiest two words in sports, game seven. that's tonight. the giants broke it open early scoring four runs in the second and starting pitcher vogelsong gave up one run through seven innings. struck out a career high nine batters. the cardinals, now they were up three games to one in the series but now we're all squared, 3-3. the winner tonight, of course, goes on to play detroit in the world series. >>> jonathan vilma back. vilma's eligible to play while he appeals his suspension for his involvement in the bounty scandal. now he seemed to provide a mu
tahoe and central sierras. san francisco, sacramento, minor problems with rain. kind of the first rainstorm of the season for that area. the big story, the warm air dominates the weather map from denver all the way to the east coast. the changes will come towards the end of the week on friday. that's when cold air will come down from canada. for today, enjoy a beautiful, quiet day. the leaves are at peak. gorgeous afternoon this afternoon in areas of new england. florida will be in the 80s today and a few showers in the midwest. willie, we're off to a very mild, mild fall and it's going to continue until friday. that's when the big change arrives. >>> all right, bill. we will take it. good weather down here. >>> thanks so much. turn to sports. we start with baseball. nlcs, game six. san francisco at home facing elimination for the second straight game. refusing to go away. top of the second, giants already up 1-0. runners on the corners. the pitcher, ryan vogelsong, he cannot get the handle. everybody is safe. giants up 2-0 on that aerror. with two or two out marco scutaro drives
rockies again. we are seeing the big time chill in columbia. we have the rain coming on in san francisco. hopefully can get out of here. ahead of it though, much of the countrien i didn't go that warmer regime as the warm air lifts in. one thing with this front, we'll see showers and clouds up to the north. tomorrow morning our local model trying to produce a shower. keeping the clouds north, sunshine south. this could a big temperature range. we may be near 70 up north, close to 80 southwest of dc. by wednesday more sunshine. upper 70s if not low 80s. wednesday looks to be spectacular for this time of year. in the metro region. north and west of town. trying to form here. maybe a depression in the next day or so. the models became jamaica, cuba. where does it go after that? does it come up the east coast? big question marks on the weekend. this could be a problem late sunday monday. today 72 and mild. tonight we are back in the 50s in town. 78 tomorrow more clouds north. more sun south. wednesday looks great. thursday and fray even saturday looks good. let's go over to monika. a vehicle
gigantes de san francisco y los tigres de detroit. en esa noche del 10 de julio en kansas city, la liga nacional apaleÓ 8-0 a la americana y el desempeÑo de tres integrantes de los gigantes -- pablo sandoval, melky cabrera y matt cain -- fue fundamental para que el viejo circuito disponga de la ventaja de casa en el cla sico de otoÑo que arranca esta noche en san francisco. y ademas sera la serie mundial con mas participacion de peloteros latinoamericanos encabezados por venezolanos y dominicanos. esta noche a las once les tendremos mas resultados y claro como va el primer partido de la serie mundial de biesbol. los esperamos. buenas tardes. al volver:. se aproxima la noche de brujas y muchos ya se preparan para celebrarla.. ya se acerca la noche de brujas y mientras los ninos van a buscar dulces, los mas grandesitos deciden salir a bailar... este proximo viernes, 26 de octubre, alexis y fido se presentaran en cococabana como parte de la fiesta de halloween de la nueva 87.7. ademas de bailar con los reyes del perreo, la cantante gretchen, ex concursante de nuestra belleza latina se
for the san francisco starter. a dominating 6-1 victory over st. louis. die sources tonight's do-or- and. >> the cardinals sent kyle to the amount. >> going to be a good game. good and the bad from yesterday's redskins game. a better outcome, but performance from r.g. iii. theas the best quarterback year. have played this griffin makes the perfect moss.tana leading.ins' not so fast. cruz.nning to victor he was in double coverage and the 77-yard touchdown. the giants win. 4.e redskins fall to 3- me there are games you should have should have won and opposite.e >> have a great day. >> is scary scene after yesterday's redskins and giants game. new jersey state police say a n was critically r falling more than escalator andn landing on a metal stage. clear what caused him to fall. >> a fan favorite cut during the redskins' preseason is about to put on the burgundy and gold as he passes his physical this morning. they reached out to chris cooley suffered anavis achilles' injury. >> 5:25, 47 degrees >> . the news continues at 5:30, latest on the search for a man who attacked a latest on the s
the nationals season not just one game away from a return trip to the world series. they pummeled san francisco yesterday to take a 2 games to 1 lead. waiting for whoever emerges as the detroit tigers. booking reservations to the fall classic. slam that glove down to the ground. >> not all that is for san francisco in thursday's game. the 49ers hada 13-6 win. >> redskins have a divisional game on sunday. more on how they're getting ready. >> could this stage be any bigger for rg iii's intro to the nfc east? the head coach knows that griffin is 15th in the league in rushing. he made it a note to be in control. the stages that for the rookie. -- the stage is set for the rookie. >> i used to high jump back in the day. my daddy to tell me to jump the same at 6'8 or 6',. you keep the same way and i hope i will do that. the redskins hope it will jump 6'8. >> the news continues with good morning washington in a few minutes. still ahead, the latest on the presidential race. captioned by the national captioning institute okay, what'ya havin? i'll have the build your own burger with
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